Monday, December 2, 2013

Homemade garlic skin paper

This paper is a 0 km paper meeting all the materials to make it came from right around my homestead. It is made from recycled newspaper, pulverized garlic skins and chunk garlic skin. The newspapers were heated in the pot on the stove and then pulverized in a food processor. A large portion of garlic skin was pulverized and then next with the recycled newspaper matter. I next added in broken chunks of unpulverized garlic skin for color and texture. I added a few tablespoons of starch for sizing 
I took a window screen out of my house and I placed it on a flat sidewalk. There was a little raised lip of the metal frame which supported the screen which I placed up right. I made sure my mixture was fluid enough to pour well and I poured it out on the window screen. I allowed this to drain away for several hours , leaving an evenly deposited pulp mixture across the entire screen surface. I then took a piece of plexiglass that I had and placed it on top of the poured mixture and I pressed to squeeze out the water. I allowed this to drain for several hours and then I flipped the entire mechanism upside down placing the plexiglass on the bottom and the screen on top. The screen easily lifted off the new top surface of the paper and I was able to rinse it and return it back to its home undamaged. I use a portable fan to blow dry it until I could lift it off the plexiglass and it is still drying as of posting this . 

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