Friday, May 22, 2015

Anti-deer and squirrel repellent

Fighting Deer ,squirrel and other animals is no fun but we have discovered a fantastic way to use organic principles to divert these animals. The idea came about from researching a Scandinavian deer repellent made from Blood Meal. This product you sprayed on your plants but you constantly had to reapply it every now and then. We thought that there must be a better way. We also had a major problem with squirrels on one of our allotment digging into our Hugelkultur bed. For a soil amendment we chose bloodmeal and after it was applied we noticed the squirrels were nonexistent. We came up on the idea of using recycle containers to hold the meal and in turn they could defuse the odor into a given area. We ran some experimentation in high-traffic deer areas and found that the Bloodmeal didn't work if the containers were spread to far but that it required the diffusers to be used within a 4 foot area to the area needing protection. Diffusers further than 4 foot just did not put out enough order to keep away the deer. Our diffusers were created from any containers we can get our hands on holes were cut in them and the lids kept the rain from washing the Blood Meal away. Each container only had a couple ounces of Blood Meal in it. The experiment became a success and we hope this can help you out solve some of your past problems. Bloodmeal is a fantastic nutrient for nitrogen amendment but can get costly if you're spraying it on a grand scale. We hope this will allow you to save some money and in turn keep the deer where they belong and that's in the woods.

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